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Jack Canfield Interviews Cheryl Ivaniski on Hollywood Live TV in Hollywood, California

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, interviews Holistic Wellness Strategist, Cheryl Ivaniski in this episode of Hollywood Live TV!

Complimentary Webinar: Super Boost Your Immune System Today!

Cheryl Ivaniski recently interviewed Dr. Joel Furhman, World-Renowned Health Expert and 7 X New York Times Bestselling Author.  He shared a wealth of information on his top tips from his book, Super Immunity.

Judicated into The Guinness World Records

February 15th, 2020 was a very special day.  Mr. Robert Moore, CEO of Magnetic Entrepreneur, invited 126 co-authors, including Cheryl Ivaniski to join him to sign in a book at the same time in an effort to be judicated into the Guinness World Book of Records.  It took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The event was a year in the making and saw lots of red tape to make it happen, but with a strong winning mindset, it happened!  

What a wonderful collaboration of thought leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and authors coming together.  We are grateful for Robert Moore's efforts to arrange such a great day of leadership, empowerment, and making the impossible happen.

We all made new friends, and for many it was a reunion seeing many acquaintances and friends.

Thank you to Mr. Robert Moore for thinking big and holding the vision and pursuing his dream, and including the 126 co-authors.

In life it is important to keep an open mind, think outside the box, and more than anything to Show Up and Live your Life.  It was a dream come true for all!

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EuroSciCon 5th World Congress: Diabetes & Obesity

Challenges of Diabetes & Obesity During COVID-19

The aim of the conference is to assemble a large audience of trade, healthcare, research, and medical practitioners to coach and produce a few fruitful discussions on the confined topics, including Cheryl Ivaniski who will presented on the topic of mindset/mindshift for Diabetes wellness.

The Diabetes Caregivers Webinar

Sharpen your Skills with Today’s Proven, Safe and Natural ways to Support Your Loved Ones or Clients with Diabetes.  PLUS!  Learn all the ways to Keep Yourself Healthy and Happy too!

The International Conference on Diabetics & Endocrinology

Cheryl presented, "How to Boost Mindset and Health for Diabetes"

Medical Mom Warriors Summit

Cheryl is a proud guest speaker of the Medical Mom Warriors Summit.  The focus of Cheryl's interview is focused on how to help your child(ren) live stress-free which means being far and away from inflammation and the many unwelcome illnesses that come from it, as an adult.

SAVE YOUR FREE SEAT HERE: https://www.medicalmomwarriors.com/

Holistic Diabetes Wellness

Cheryl joins a panel of experts during the "Round Table with Sharifah Hardie" to offer her expertise in the area of Holistic Diabetes Wellness.

Watch it LIVE here on Aug 18th: https://www.facebook.com/ilikesharifah/

Overcoming Adversity - A Personal Story of Resilience

Cheryl joins a panel of experts during the "Round Table with Sharifah Hardie to share her own story of an incredible challenge she overcame and how she has risen beyond what she planned for.

Watch it LIVE here on Aug 7th: https://www.facebook.com/ilikesharifah/

The 'No BS' Blood Sugar Level 5-Day Online Challenge Hosted by Cheryl Ivaniski

  • Do you feel tired and frustrated by your blood sugar levels spiking several times a day, even though it feels like you've tried everything?
  • Are you constantly in a state of worry, stress and sadness that at any time, you could be robbed of your independence and quality of life because of Diabetes?
  • Are you scared by the reality that Diabetes compromises your immune system so much that any attack on it could shorten your life?
  • Do you have the nagging thought that no matter what you do, you could end up losing your vision, having a heart attack or a stroke, or losing your limbs?

LifeCon Pro Conference 2020

The first conference specifically for holistic, wellness and self help professionals and practitioners to grow their business in 2020 and beyond, including featured guest, Cheryl Ivaniski.

HypnoBiz Global Virtual Summit

Hypnosis & The Other Side of Uncertainty, 60+ International Hypnosis Experts & Exclusive Deep Dive Workshops, including a webinar from Cheryl Ivaniski.  Other Top Experts included:


Complimentary Webinar: Ignite Your Immune System Superpowers!

Attendees learned:

  • How to manage and eliminate stress (since it's a BIG factor in how well your immune system operates and protects you from viruses)
  • The REAL vitamins that you should consider taking to help your immune system help you (and why you shouldn't take every vitamin under the sun!)
  • The trace minerals that have positive immunomodulatory effects and thus the course and outcome of a variety of viral infections
  • The top 4 super antioxidant foods that can help with your immune system's health and performance 
  • What Qi Gong is and its role in grounding and resetting the immune system
  • The importance of lymphatic health and what the very simple things you can do to keep lymph moving

Super Boost Your Immunity System Today! With Special Guest, World-Renowned Health Expert & 7 X New York Times Bestseller, Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Top Tips from Dr. Fuhrman's book, Super Immunity on how to stay healthy and maintain a robust immune system.

Watch the replay here before it expires!

Life Frequency Series (Balanced Health)

Cheryl was a featured guest and discussed, "How Stress Effects Diabetes" 

4 Pillars of Entrepreneurship Virtual Summit

This Summit was designed to help launch a global network, United Networks for Growth, that promotes a holistic approach to entrepreneurship and support in the areas of Health, Wealth, Personal Growth and Business Development. As a guest, you are going to hear directly from a variety of experts, including Cheryl Ivaniski, and their expertise related to the four separate pillars. They use what they share in their own lives and have personal experience of these tools changing their lives and the lives of the people around them!

The Holistic Diabetes Solutions Summit

Our first annual Summit with 10 of today's top Holistic Diabetes Wellness experts!  It was a HUGE success!  If you missed it, you can still access them by choosing one of the options here.

Mind Body Abundance

Mind Body Abundance Masterclass

This full day event features 6 specialists (including Cheryl Ivaniski) sharing their timeless wisdom and insights from decades of study, work and research. Each mentor will share valuable insights that will help individuals take massive steps to achieve their personal goals. There is so much to learn from their personal stories. Join them for the full day as general admission guest or enjoy the VIP treatment where you can enjoy preferred seating, gift bag, workbook and a Q and A lunch.

BOOK LAUNCH: The Secret to Wealth with Brian Tracy

I'm so honoured to have been invited to co-author a book, The Secrets to Wealth with the Brian Tracy.  Mr. Tracy is recognized as the top sales training and personal success authority in the world today.  Our book is a MUST HAVE book for every individual who has wondered what the secret to achieve massive wealth is, has thought about how much money is needed to become financially free and how you can have it all - love, money, time all at the same time.

Powerful Women Today Fire & Ice Networking Gala

Powerful Women Today experts for a night of awareness, entertainment, expert on the spot, exhibitors, entertainment, keynotes, and more....

Ending Violence and Abuse against Women and Children is at the core of ensuring the prosperity and safety of women, making sure their ability to build self-reliance and economic Prosperity is real. Powerful Women Today's Foundation ensures we take active role as business leaders and executives at doing all we can to break the pattern, change lives and give hope.

Global Author Awards 2019

Global Authors Awards

I am honoured to have been asked and to have co-hosted the 2019 Global Authors Awards with Raymond Harlall.  It was an incredible evening!  We awarded 25 deserving authors with the Global Author Awards in Toronto this year.  Having been a recipient of this award twice in the recent past, it was amazing to see the joy they experienced as their hard work was awarded.

The Holistic Approach to Winning with Diabetes

During this event, attendees learned:

  • The new way to manage your Diabetes - The New Holistic Approach that will impact the quality of your life
  • How to add 5-15 years back to your life naturally
  • 3 simple and easy tips you can use to help normalize your blood sugar levels quickly, safely and naturally
  • How to combat the number 1 stressor that affects your blood sugar levels - HINT! It is not food or exercise

Guests traveled as far away as two hours from the event location - fighting traffic and some with colds so they could get the Holistic help they've been seeking.  It was a great pleasure to give the answers to their questions to help themselves and their loved ones overcome challenges they've been struggling with for some time.  It's always my favourite thing to see the eyes and minds light up as they hear Holistic solutions that are easy to implement to start helping themselves now.

Mind, Boday and Abundance Workshops LIVE

Many people know lots about a lot of things, but few know everything. That's why Your Next Level Coaching Academy has gathered 6 experts in their field so that you can get more of the answers you need, so that you can grow to the next level in your life. These 6 experts will show you how to go to work on your inner game and outer game so that you can grow to the next level faster and in a confident manner. Together they can address so many issues and give practical tools to guide you along the way. Be sure to attend this FREE event and discover how having so many experts in one room can accelerate your growth to the Next Level.

The Power of Collaboration Event

The Power of Collaboration is an annual sold out event held in Toronto Canada. This event brings together Local and International Experts in Personal Development, Business Acceleration, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Book Publishing, and Universal teaching.

The Waterfront Awards 2019

Cheryl was nominated for an award in the Entrepreneurship & Business category!

The WATERFRONT AWARDS 2019 is a red carpet charity gala, held in Toronto, 0n July 19, 2019, celebrating the achievements of outstanding women in the Greater Toronto Area. Sponsored by Toronto Waterfront Magazine, this annual event is in support of The Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (www.abusehurts.ca) a national, charitable organization since 1993.


The WATERFRONT AWARDS 2019 gives all of us a chance to recognize a roster of women with remarkable career milestones. Experience one of the best skyline views in the city, as we celebrate outstanding GTA women at the Globe and Mail Centre. We will be featuring live entertainment, a silent auction, celebrity presenters and other surprises!

The Power of Collaboration Event

The Power of Collaboration is an annual sold out event held in Toronto Canada. This event brings together Local and International Experts in Personal Development, Business Acceleration, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Book Publishing, and Universal teaching.

The Holistic Approach to Diabetes Wellness & Self-Care

Attendees of this event learned:

  1. The current facts and stats about diabetes in the world, and in Canada.
  2. Our current model of diabetes care - does it help us heal or does it mask and encourage future complications?
  3. The difference between Traditional Diabetes Care and Holistic Diabetes Care
  4. The current stats and facts about diabetes and sleep disturbances in the world
  5. The risk of having interrupted sleep patterns
  6. If you have diabetes, are you at increased risk for interrupted sleep patterns?  If so, how does that affect your health during the night and day and your overall immune system capabilities?
  7. How the holistic wellness approach influences better health and healing
  8. How to get a better quality of sleep
  9. How Diabetes affects your sleep
  10. The top 5 solutions for a better quality of sleep when you have pain
  11. The top 5 solutions for influencing a more restful sleep for those with Diabetes

Wellness Summit

An incredible evening of wellness education, inspiration, and fun at our quarterly Wellness Summit! This program is made possible through heart-centered partnership with The Empress Walk, and is designed to teach Torontonians ways to incorporate wellness in their lives!

BOOK LAUNCH: Empowering Women to Succeed Conference

Learn from the experts how a simple publishing project can generate massive high-quality leads for you, no matter what business or profession you're in.

The Power of Wow with Raymond Aaron & Special Guest, Jack Canfield

Cheryl's keynote: Your Health Matters!

Toronto Women's Expo Presents Toronto Business Expo

Cheryl's keynote:  Real Estatate Investing - How to Create a Legacy for you and your Family

Captivate and Convert for Thought Leaders

Captivate and Convert is an interactive 2-day live event where you will be taken through a series of experiential exercises to open up your creative thinking, connect you with other attendees in a meaningful way and give you ‘outside the box’ presenting skills so you can be seen as a top thought leader and/or speaker and gain mass influence. You will walk away with revolutionary ideas and tools to get your fresh, cutting edge work out to the world. Only the brave and bold shall attend!

The Powerful Women Today - Taking It Global

Cheryl's Keynote:  How to Get Your More Factor Momentum in Your Life

Diabetes Wellness Coaching/Information Session

The Integrative Approach and 10 Daily Must Do's to Healing your Diabetes form the inside out.  Learn how to normalize your blood sugar levels naturally. Clearwater, Florida, USA

Poolside Morning Meditation

Clearwater, Florida, USA

Driven Inc - Business Building for Entrepreneurs (2 Day Mastermind) with Suzanne Evans

Clearwater, Florida, USA

Oprah Cruise - Gals' Getaway

Cruising the Seas and having Fabulous Fun on the cruise and private beach in Bahamas! Participating in the Conversation with Oprah Presentation, and fun day time and evening activities on board.


This elite group represents the leading-edge of entrepreneurs and business owners – a group who refuses to accept an average company, average sales, average employees and an average life.  10Xers don’t wait for the “next thing”, they create it.


Cheryl Ivaniki's Lifestyle Wellness Centre invites amazing products and sponsors to participate in the Grand Basket Giveaway - Advocating and Creating Wellness Awareness

Accelerate Your Business Marketing

Healthpreneur is committed to serving visionary health entrepreneurs, coaches, and practitioners leverage the internet to turn their expertise into high 6- and 7-figure businesses by creating, filling, and scaling premium-priced group coaching programs that create amazing results for their clients.

Real Estate Watch Magazine

Cheryl Ivaniski on cover page including a full page article on "What's the Secret to Making a Fortune in Real Estate"

Quilly Awards, Hollywood, California

Cheryl Ivaniski - Winner, 2018 Best Sellers Quilly Award from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors

Whole Life Expo

3 full days of Wellness experts, exhibits and more.
Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada

Wealth Summit

Investing in Real Estate, Lending, Businesses. Cheryl Ivaniski is an expert on Overcoming Adversity and Building Wealth in Real Estate (an inspirational story of Having a Life of More)

Global Author Awards & Gala, London, England

Cheryl Ivaniski a Canadian bestselling author, is receiving the Global Authors Award taking place at the Crowne Plaza located in London, England November 24th, 2018. The Global Authors Award is a literary award that recognizes the uniqueness of Cheryl’s contribution in the world. 

World Organization of Natural Medicine Annual Conference

The founding doctors of WONM and other experts in their fields share their experience and expertise.

Book Launch: The Handbook to Holistic Health

The Publisher and Producer Raymond Harlall welcomes Wellness Authority Cheryl Ivaniski Dr. Ac., C.Ht. RDH to join the expert panel along with other special guests including Dr. Ona Brown (daughter of World # 1 Motivational Speaker Les Brown)  to address the 100 person event and VIP audience.

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