It’s an honour to be nominated!

The Waterfront Awards in Toronto is on Friday, July 19th. It’s a charity gala celebrating the achievements of outstanding women in the Greater Toronto Area. I have been nominated for the Entrepreneurship and Business Award! This is a wonderful honour for me!

When I first began my journey over 20 years ago, I was living in a basement apartment, super busy planning my consulting businesses. In the midst of it all, I suffered a coma suddenly and luckily, I survived. This is how I found out I have Type 1 Diabetes. It comes on quickly and without notice.

Shortly after my diagnosis, I studied to become a Dr.Holistic Medicine-Dr. Ac. to learn how to heal myself as naturally as possible. Today, I’m a Wellness & Wealth Authority, Mind Body Strategist, Founder of the Diabetes Wellness Centre and Lifestyle Wellness Centre, and Global Speaker on matters of holistic health and wealth. Through this work, I’m able to help 10 X the health and 10 X the wealth of individuals, health and business professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide so they can prevent, restore and reverse unwelcome health challenges and complications with my 12 Step Formula for Living Vibrantly Well and other programs and services.

I also receive invitations to co-author with top thought leaders in the world and write my own books. In becoming a 5 X Best Selling Author, 2 X International Best Selling Author, and Quilly Award recipient (a prestigious honour), I was recently inducted into the Academy of Best Selling Authors, Writers and Speakers in Los Angeles, California.

There are 500 Million people who have Diabetes. My grandmother was one of those 500 Million people. I am one of those 500 Million people. This is where my passion comes from.

Receiving this award would further validate my mission and my message. My goal is to reach as many people living with Diabetes to give them hope, health and healing strategies so they can live with great health while they battle to survive each day. I’ll be launching this movement with an incredible virtual summit this coming November (Diabetes month).

I would be so grateful for your nomination to help me and my team in accomplishing our goal. Would you take a moment from your busy day to cast your vote for me for this great cause? Thank you so much in advance!

Cheryl Ivaniski

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