Cheryl's Media Kit

Cheryl has co-authored books with five of the Top Thought Leaders in the World including Jack Canfield (47 X New York Times Best Selling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Les Brown (World’s Number 1 Motivational Speaker), Dr. John Gray (Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus), and Brian Tracy (Self Development Authority), to name a few.  Cheryl's newest book was inspired by her 100 year young grandpa, 'Having a Life of More'. It earned her International Status as a Global Award Winning Author in London, England.

With her 5 X Best Selling Books, background in Traditional Medicine, and earning her Doctorate in Holistic Studies-Acupuncture, and her advanced training in Natural Nutrition and Hypnosis (Mind- Body Connection), she has authored over 30 modules of post graduate continuing education that has earned national accreditation status.  She has coached and mentored Doctors, Nurses, Naturopaths, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and other Business Professionals and individuals. Her role as a College Professor, Clinical Instructor, and Corporate Coach has complimented her role in private practice serving clients for over 28 years. Cheryl excels in bringing you the newest leading edge live and online coaching programs via her Lifestyle Wellness and Diabetes Wellness Centres.

Cheryl Ivaniski has been a keynote speaker and presenter for over 1,000 audiences at some of the largest professional events in North America. 

She has written feature articles in journals, been a guest on nationally syndicated television and radio shows, and a keynote speaker for Entrepreneurs, Businesses Associations, Foundations, Training Facilities and Special Interest Groups.