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Cheryl Ivaniski, Global Holistic Wellness Advocate & Authority


Having survived serious health challenges, Cheryl set her sights sharply on mastering a Holistic Way of Living so she could serve health professionals, business professionals, colleges/academia and those with Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes.  For over 30 years, Cheryl has shared her experience, education and expertise in Holistic Wellness, the Power of Mindset, Leadership Skills and Wealth Building Strategies internationally.

Cheryl has gone on to co-authoring books with some of the Top World Thought Leaders including Jack Canfield (New York Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Les Brown, Dr. John Gray, Brian Tracey and others. Cheryl's latest book, Having a Life of More was inspired by her 100-year-young Grandpa.  It earned her International Status as a Global Award Winning Author.

With her best selling books, her background in traditional medicine, her Doctorate in Holistic Studies, Nutrition and Acupuncture, and treating and coaching clients for over 28 years, she excels in bringing you the newest leading edge programs so you can thrive!

Cheryl on Stage


We heard Cheryl speak at the Health Expo and could not wait to talk with her afterwards. We immediately enrolled in her coaching program and our lives have just skyrocketed into new levels of health, that we could have never foreseen were possible. Having great health and living life. Thanks so much. 


Cheryl captivated the audience ... she had such valuable information to share with the audience. She was amazing! Cheryl had the most valuable information about health -- and that is really important to know about. 

Swapna Ambegaonkar

I had the opportunity to listen to Cheryl. She spoke about Health, Hope and Healing. This is all important when you're running a business. I learned about her own health journey and she really wants to share the healing process. She inspired me in what I do in my business!

Neela Mannan

CEO of Incorp