A Week I Will Never Forget – Jack Canfield Poolside Reception

It had been a few powerful days starting with the Rooftop Reception and having Jack Canfield interview me.

They were powerful days that empowered me to want to become more of myself and give more of myself. Now it was time for something fun.

Jack was the premier influencer this particular evening on the red-carpet poolside reception at the prestigious Roosevelt Hotel. This was an event where other authors, marketing specialists and truly world thought leaders came together to celebrate. This was a time to get to know Jack in a relaxed setting, especially for those who did not have the opportunity to be interviewed by him.

There were people from all over the world, and it was an opportunity to get to mix and mingle. It was a perfect evening, perfect weather just the right temperature, a slight breeze, perfect music food, drinks, and the people so lovely. A great party.

There were hors d’oeuvres, wine and more wine. The conversations with people were so rich  because everyone was there to celebrate and honour one another and simply enjoy This was the type of event where you may never see the person you are talking with again, and it doesn’t even matter.  This event was an achievement celebration, which meant everyone there has earned recognition for their expertise and now they are sharing it in the world. Security is never overlooked at such events. Those who attended included emmy award winning writers, producers, global business strategists, etc… These can be the best parties.

It was all about connecting. It was about being comfortable with yourself and being open to talking and sharing with others.  It was magical simply having an open ear with no intention or motivation other than to simple enjoy and be in the present moment.

It was about simply learning from the experience of others. For instance, there was a man from overseas, and his role has been in working with companies helping them reach a minimum of $50 million in sales per year. He has done this so many times, that now he just wants to have a good time in life, be in good company and give back.  He now finds himself contributing and funding projects and documentaries about people who have made exceptional differences and have climbed mountains in their own life, and he helps them share those stories with the world. How cool is that?

At this event it wasn’t about who you could meet or how they could help you. It was about being in the present moment and just allowing yourself to be comfortable just where you are. It was about getting to know each other by talking. It was a time for being your authentic self and from that developing relationships. Sometimes, you just need to be in the moment, and that is what I want to teach you in this blog post.

If you want to be successful, you need to learn how to be comfortable with you. When you can do this, then you can develop those connections with other people, because they  become attracted to you. We are all people of power inside us and when we let that power come through organically, that is what influences others to approach us. This invites people to interact and want to get to know one another and want to get to know you. This is not about networking. It is about connecting, getting to know one another and about truly caring about the other person and what they are about. You share what you have in common and learn from your differences.

I am thankful for that night. I made great connections that will last a lifetime. I grew as a person personally and I  grew my relationships with people many who I don’t even know their last names, and it doesn’t even matter. Just being you is enough and really, I think that is what it is all about.

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