Cheryl's Wellness Programs & Ways to Work Together

Cheryl has authored over 30 modules of post graduate continuing education that has earned national accreditation status.  She has coached and mentored Doctors, Nurses, Naturopaths, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and other Business Professionals and individuals. Her role as a College Professor, Clinical Instructor, and Corporate Coach has complimented her role in private practice serving clients for over 28 years.

With Cheryl's 5 X International Best Selling Books, background in Traditional Medicine, Doctorate in Holistic Studies-Acupuncture, and her advanced training in Natural Nutrition and Hypnosis (Mind- Body Connection), and as a Diabetes Thriver for over 24 years, you can count on her expertise and experience to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Cheryl excels in bringing you the newest leading-edge live and online coaching programs through her Holistic Diabetes Solutions and The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education.

She has taken the opportunities to spread her proven holistic wellness solutions as far and as wide as possible as a guest speaker on a variety of podcasts, video and television shows.

Cheryl's Current Courses & Programs


Your #1 trusted resource for Holistic Diabetes Wellness and for normalizing your blood sugar levels naturally. Cheryl is a Dr. Holistic Medicine - Acupuncture and has had Type 1 Diabetes for over 25 years.  As a traditional medicine practitioner combined with her holistic studies, she provides leading edge preventative and proactive solutions for individuals and families and programs for health care professionals and natural and holistic practitioners.  For complete details, visit Cheryl's Holistic Diabetes Solutions website.


Certified courses for Health Professionals and Holistic Practitioners who want to start or open up a new client-base of Diabetes patients.

You will be taught the ins and outs of Holistic Diabetes care through a series of online courses designed by Cheryl with her over 28 years experience in this field.

The 4 Ways to Work Together with Cheryl

Holistic Diabetes Wellness COACHING & MENTORING

  • Holistic Diabetes Wellness Coaching
  • Normalizing your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally
  • Understanding Diabetes

Education & Inspirational Speaker

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Live Events & Workshops

Signature talks include:

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Healthy People
  • Diabetes Wellness - The Holistic Approach


Local and International Retreats with very special guest speakers to help fast-track your health and wellness 

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