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With Cheryl's 5 X Best Selling Books, background in Traditional Medicine, and earning her Doctorate in Holistic Studies-Acupuncture, and her advanced training in Natural Nutrition and Hypnosis (Mind- Body Connection), she has authored over 30 modules of post graduate continuing education that has earned national accreditation status.  She has coached and mentored Doctors, Nurses, Naturopaths, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and other Business Professionals and individuals. Her role as a College Professor, Clinical Instructor, and Corporate Coach has complimented her role in private practice serving clients for over 28 years. Cheryl excels in bringing you the newest leading edge live and online coaching programs via her Lifestyle Wellness Centre, Diabetes Wellness Centre and Your Wealth Starts Today.

Wellness is about abundance and balance!

CHERYL'S PROGRAMS FOR SUCCESS in health and wealth


Cheryl believes in combining Traditional and Naturopathic therapies while embracing Spiritual Healing to nourish our body, mind and soul. She believes this is when true healing occurs. As the founder of Lifestyle Wellness Centre, Cheryl and her team provide specialized, holistic training options to help you reach health, wellness and vitality goals. 

Lifestyle Wellness Centre offers seminars, webinars, master classes, workshops and online group coaching to help you achieve overall health and wellness, and success mindset/mindshift.

Learn how Cheryl can help you achieve excellent health and a breakthrough to the mindset you need to have to live the life you love!


Your #1 trusted resource for Holistic Diabetes Wellness and for normalizing your blood sugar levels naturally. Cheryl is a Dr. Holistic Medicine - Acupuncture and has had Type 1 Diabetes for over 24 years.  With her traditional practitioner and coming that with her in holistic studies, she provides you with leading edge preventative and proactive solutions to individuals and families with Diabetes and certified educators programs for health care professionals and natural and holistic practitioners.

Do you want to expand your practice?  Do you want to serve your community better?  Do you want to specialize in Diabetes and affect the lives of 1 in 3 people to meet the growing needs of your new client base.


1.  Learn the simple easy 5 step solutions for normalizing your blood sugars naturally

2.  Top 5 things to avoid everyday

3. Top 5 things you want to do everyday


Wealth Through Real Estate Investments

Cheryl is the CEO of Your Wealth Starts Today/GCC Properties – Ontario’s Rental Properties Leader. We provide family-friendly rental homes, rent to own home programs, and extensive property management services. 

Cheryl also offers one-on-one coaching, masterminds and masterclasses for new investors and seasoned investors.