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Each day, Cheryl closely monitors her life-saving devices, blood sugar levels and her overall health to stay alive so she can continue to maintain her successful businesses, add more books to her bestsellers, map out her next goals, lead her teams and enjoy life with her family and friends.

When asked how she does it all, her answer is simple… “Mindset”

With a sound, powerful mindset, Cheryl has accomplished having a life of more for herself, her clients and students while managing Type 1 Diabetes and Hashimotos disease (having learned of her diagnosis when overcoming a coma).

Cheryl Ivaniski is one of North America's most vocal advocates for Holistic Wellness and Mind-Body Connection. Without question, Cheryl applies her whole self - her holistic education, her mind-body connectedness, and her business success experiences - to help herself, her clients, students and the public worldwide to prevent the unnecessary side effects and complications that illnesses and a powerless mindset can bring.

Full of personality, humour, charisma and with a very deep holistic mind/body presence, Cheryl has been invited to speak to audiences on world stages and to co-author books with today's foremost thought leaders to instill her knowledge on how taking 100$% responsibility for your own quality of life, self-care and empowering the mindset is key to living a full, healthy vibrant.

On stage, Cheryl is engaging, witty, generous and very candid about her health, well-being and her entrepreneurial successes despite her condition.  She has educated over 1,000 audiences on how to prevent, repair and reverse health challenges including the complications of Diabetes naturally, and how to develop a winning mindset with her 7 step success formula that is helping people reclaim their health and start truly flourishing in life.

For her long-standing passion and dedication to advocating Self Empowerment with the holistic approach to wellness, and the mind-body connection, Cheryl was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year at the Women’s Waterfront Awards 2019, in Toronto, Canada, honoured with a Global Authors Award for her book, Having a Life of More, in London, England, and a Quilly Award for her International Best Selling Book, Success Starts Today - a most prestigious award few receive.  She was inducted into the Academy of Best Selling Authors, Writers and Speakers in Los Angeles California and was interviewed on Hollywood Live TV by Jack Canfield whom she co-authored her first best selling book which has been aired on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

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